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Why I cannot learn German fast


In mid-December, I went to another yet unkown style of company party (year end party), had a wine and left after 20 minutes. It's the worst feeling being in a huge crowd, yet having no one to talk to. It also still bothers me to join groups and switch them from German to English, so I avoid talking to people entirely.

Anyway, I learned a new word yesterday and it seems fitting:
Apanthropy; an aversion to human company; love of solitude.

Thank you, Susie Dent 🙌

As much as my job needs understanding humans and human behaviour, I tend to avoid humans, but hey! another reason to love cycling 🙂 Even out in the nature, I don't want to say more than "Hallo!" and "Danke schoen!".
Also, another reason to miss Malaysia 😉 Regular language group meetings, or any other reasons. People are just kind and open to conversations, opposite of here, where people mostly talk to others to claim their own rights and remind you of rules.

So yeah, I believe no matter how hard the language is, it becomes easy after practicing, so German is hard and Japanese is easy, because speakers of that language are hard or easy to open up conversation with.